Server Analysis

1. Upload a CSV file with your infrastructure utilization data. The file should include the following data, with these exact labels in the first row:

time_stamp, cpu_cores, cpu_provision, cpu_usage, cpu_usage_percent, memory_kb, memory_usage_kb, disk_read_kb, disk_write_kb, traffic_in_usage_kb_per_sec, traffic_out_usage_kb_per_sec.

Bold columns are required, the others are optional but will help with the precision of our calculations. The order of the columns is not important.

2. We’ll generate a system analysis report including the utilization forecast; This may take a few minutes, depending on the amount of server data. Your request will be processed in the background, so the predictions can take some time to generate. If you can’t see the charts, click on the relevant tab again after a minute or two.

3. We’ll generate a price analysis report that shows infrastructure costs scenarios based on different cloud providers.
You can use our sample data to see how it works if you don’t have your own data readily available.

Download Sample Data from 1 Server (.csv)
Download Sample Data from 1000 Servers (.zip)

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